2023 Kratom Vendor Price Report
2023 Kratom vendor prices

2023 Kratom Price Report Breakdown By Vendor

MitraWatch is a database that keeps track of Kratom vendors and their prices. Since we have data from the majority of the industry leading Kratom vendors (20 in total as of today), we thought it would be valuable to do a 2023 Kratom price report. This will be a list of Kratom vendors ranked highest to lowest in terms of cost per gram. Keep in mind this list is not a ranking of the best Kratom vendors, simply their prices. Higher prices do not reflect high or low quality Kratom and neither do low prices. Prices do not reflect customer service. While 20 vendors far from scratches the surface of all available vendors, it’s enough to deduct an average and gain insight into the Kratom industry as a whole.

How the data is generated

Kratom prices will be ranked by average cost per gram for each vendor, and will be broken down into the following categories:

  • Highest to lowest average cost per gram for <= 1oz.
  • Highest to lowest in the 1oz – 200 gram range.
  • Highest to lowest in the 200 – 500 gram range.
  • Highest to lowest for Kilograms ( 500 – 1000 grams.)
  • This data is a snapshot of prices today (9-16-23.) Prices are always subject to change and you should always use our search tool and visit vendors directly for the most up to date prices. Let’s get into the data.

    1oz average cost per gram ranked highest to lowest

    kratom price data from the database
    How the data looks in the database.

    This query returned 9 vendors. It should be noted not all vendors sell Kratom by the ounce so not every vendor in the database will be ranked.

    9. Super Speciosa - $0.50 per gram

    super speciosa kratom vendor

    8. Happy Hippo – $0.35 per gram

    Happy Hippo kratom vendor

    7. Wildcraft Herb Company – $0.35 per gram

    wildcraft herb company kratom vendor

    6. PA Botanicals – $0.33 per gram

    pa botanicals kratom vendor

    5. Oties - $0.30 per gram

    oties botanicals kratom vendor

    4. Viable Kratom - $0.22 per gram

    viable kratom vendor

    3. WestKoast Botanicals – $0.18 per gram

    westkoast botanicals kratom vendor

    2. Benni Botanicals - $0.16 per gram

    Benni Botanicals kratom vendor

    1. Okie Kratom - $0.07 per gram

    Okies kratom vendor

    Interesting data indeed! Big disparities between the #9 and #1 spot, with marginal differences in the middle. It’s a pretty steep drop even from #2 to #1.

    1oz – 200 gram average cost per gram ranked highest to lowest

    This query returned 18 vendors. Let’s start with the highest and work our way down.

    18. O.P.M.S. - $0.96 per gram

    17. Happy Hippo - $0.31 per gram

    16. Kat’s Botanicals - $0.23 per gram

    15. Oties – 0.21 per gram

    14. Amazing Botanicals - $0.21 per gram

    13. MIT 45 - $0.21 per gram

    12. Wildcraft Herb Company - $0.20 per gram

    11. PA Botanicals - $0.20 per gram

    10. Super Speciosa - $0.20 per gram

    9. Mitraman - $0.20 per gram

    8. Your Leaf Your Life - $0.18 per gram

    7. Viable Kratom - $0.16 per gram

    6. Dragons Den - $0.15 per gram

    5. DTE Botanicals - $0.15 per gram

    4. Benni Botanicals - $0.14 per gram

    3. Okies - $0.14 per gram

    2. Lucky Herbals - $0.13 per gram

    1. WestKoast Botanicals - $0.10 per gram

    Interesting to see the vendors shift positions as the amount of Kratom purchased becomes larger. Here the changes are less drastic and it’s more of a steady slope downwards.

    200 – 500 gram average cost per gram ranked highest to lowest

    This query once again returned 18 vendors.

    18. Happy Hippo - $0.27 per gram

    17. Remarkable Herbs - $0.19 per gram

    16. Super Speciosa - $0.16 per gram

    15. MIT 45 - $0.16 per gram

    14. PA Botanicals - $0.15 per gram

    13. Kat’s Botanicals - $0.15 per gram

    12. DTE Botanicals - $0.14 per gram

    11. Your Leaf Your Life - $0.14 per gram

    10. Wildcraft Herb Company - $0.13 per gram

    9. Mitraman - $0.12 per gram

    8. Amazing Botanicals - $0.11 per gram

    7. Viable Kratom - $0.11 per gram

    6. New Dawn Kratom - $0.11 per gram

    5. Dragons Den - $0.11 per gram

    4. WestKoast Botanicals - $0.10 per gram

    3. Oties - $0.10 per gram

    2. Lucky Herbals - $0.09 per gram

    1. Okies - $0.07 per gram

    500 – Kilo average cost per gram ranked highest to lowest

    This query returned 11 vendors

    11. Remarkable Herbs - $0.19 per gram

    10. Happy Hippo - $0.19 per gram

    9. Super Speciosa - $0.14 per gram

    8. PA Botanicals - $0.14 per gram

    7. Amazing Botanicals - $0.09 per gram

    6. Oties - $0.09 per gram

    5. Mitraman - $0.09 per gram

    4. WestKoast Botanicals - $0.09 per gram

    3. Benni Botanicals - $0.09 per gram

    2. Viable Kratom - $0.08 per gram

    1. New Dawn Kratom - $0.08 per gram

    But what does it all mean?

    You can gain a few insights with this data.

    Obviously, the more you buy the more you save. This applies to most everything.

    Certain vendors shift positions depending on the amount, so while one vendor might be more cost effective when buying small amounts, this might not be the case for larger amounts. An example of this is Okie and WestKoast Botanicals. Okie took the number 1 spot for ounces while WB jumped them in line for the 1oz – 200 gram range. Some vendors are cost effective in some ranges but not others. In many cases, the cost per gram differences are negligible and so close together it’s not a deal breaker.

    Unfortunately this data doesn’t tell us much about the quality of Kratom. For that we have the review database which can be helpful.

    Overall this data should give you some insights into industry averages and at the very least, you know when you’re getting ripped off versus getting a deal. It makes you wonder why anyone would purchase form a vendor like Happy Hippo. I’m actually a fan of Happy Hippo because I’ve found their quality to be really consistent, and they donate a lot of money to the AKA each year. If you pay attention to them you’ll notice they drop their prices by 40 sometimes 50 percent on select strains, unlike many other vendors where prices are more or less the same except for special holidays. You’ll consistently see their strains in our price drop tool because they always have some deal going on. Such deals often bring their cost per gram down to industry averages, if not lower.

    Okie Kratom provides a consistent shock factor because he’s consistently much lower than the other vendors and garners good reviews. One can only conclude the cost of living in Oklahoma must be good!

    Other purchasing factors might include how close a vendor is to your location. We created the kratom vendor map so you can easily find vendors close to you for fast shipping.

    Combine this data with user reviews to select a product that’s in your price range and has a good chance of being quality. Even though we don’t have every possible vendor in the database, this data can be applied to any vendor of your choosing – you’ll just have to do the math yourself. Over time we’ll include more vendors. We’ll do one of these reports every few months so you can stay up to date on prices in the industry. It will be interesting to see where prices go, but I have a feeling like everything else, it’s all up from here!