About mitraWatch


mitraWatch is a database of Kratom prices across different vendors in the Kratom industry. Its function allows customers to easily compare prices, and see important metrics like price, weight, and cost per gram. There's also a handy price drop tool which detects when Kratom vendors drop their prices. The system was developed and currently maintained by myself - A Kratom user and general enthusiast (although I have written a book on quitting.)

How it works

In the beginning I wanted the system to run automatically and with little effort on my part, which involved writing Python programs to scan vendor websites and upload prices to the mitraWatch database. This would allow for real time price checks and an always up to date database. In some cases, these programs work very well - in other cases the programs make errors and import incorrect data. mitraWatch is currently in a state where some vendors can be scanned automatically while others require human attention to make sure there are no errors. Twice a week I do a complete update for vendors where manual intervention is required. On the search page you can see when the database was updated last.

The home page is where you'll find the main feature of mitraWatch - the search function. The search function can take user input via search queries, return instant results, or you can select from one of the predefined searches. The filter allows you to of course, filter your search results to find things like lowest cost, highest cost, and lowest cost per gram. There is also a more advanced (although less polished) search function called the mega search. This offers more filtering and searching features, and displays the data in a table which can be much faster to scan when dealing with a lot of results. Due to the tabled nature of the data, I recommend the mega search for desktop users because tables don't display well on mobile devices.

The future

I'll maintain this project as long as people find it useful, and I'll consider adding features and other vendors to the database. I would like to add a review/rating system which would of course add more value and help users make informed buying decisions. Ultimately this will require help from people like yourself. Overall I think the Kratom industry is lacking in a good third party review system.

If you have a review of a particular strain, please check out the mitraWatch Kratom Forums and leave a review there. In the future I can integrate such reviews into the search system.

Suggestions and contact

If you have a suggestion for the site or would like to reach out for whatever reason, you can contact me here.

Thank you for stopping by!

Fallon - mitraWatch